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About Us

Knomos is built around a team of passionate people driven to solve a systemic professional challenge for the benefit of all. Organizing legal information, evolving the practice of law for the 21st century, and improving citizen access to justice.

Knomos employs modern app design principles grounded in the user experience to deliver more powerful legal tools. From law students learning in the classroom, to lawyers better serving their clients, and engaged citizens managing their practical legal affairs.

At Knomos, we focus on technology-driven solutions that change the practice & business of law in the information sharing economy. We’re committed to building knowledge sharing tools that enable lawyers to evolve from gatekeepers of legal information to “legal sherpas”, helping clients get where they’re going.

It’s not just a good idea, it’s the law.

The law is a complex network of facts, concepts and precedents, and it’s evolving constantly. If you just look at it in a granular way, you can easily miss the relationships and emergent patterns.

We’re observing how data visualization systems are being applied to complex, dynamic processes, giving non-experts insights into trends by representing big data in more intuitive formats like dashboards, heatmaps, and clusters.

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Knomos Team


Adam La France

Adam’s a lawyer by trade but a builder at heart. A graduate of McGill Law and called to the bar in British Columbia and Québec, his six years of legal domain and professional experience covers a range of legal practice, at the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg, and as a sole practitioner. This critical insight ensures Knomos’ key features solve systemic problems in the legal industry, and that our platform’s core value is reflected in adoption among key influencers and stakeholders.

Jesse Abney

As a co-founder, Jesse brought eighteen years in software design, project management, and strategic business development in the video gaming industry. He helped manage ten next-generation platform launches beginning with the PlayStation2. As a producer he managed UI/UX design and gameplay system development on the Need for Speed (Vancouver) and Dead Space (Montréal) franchises. Joining Sony Computer Electronics America in 2013, he was a key developer resource in support of the worldwide launch of the PlayStation4. Following the successful launch of the public beta, Jesse moved on to pursue other professional opportunities.

James Abney

James has applied high-level studies in Mathematics and C++ programming to over ten years of technical experience, seven of which were spent on large-scale entertainment software production. As manager of Customer Service at Electronic Arts, he led a division of 120 employees covering six departments on the front lines of shaping the customer experience. Joining Knomos, James’ single-handed engineering effort led to our first proof-of-concept demo.

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