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July 9th, 2015, was a BIG day for Knomos!

After over a year and a half of bootstrapping the platform’s development with the support of friends & family, we’re very proud to share that Knomos has been awarded $687,273 in funding from the Canada Media Fund following an evaluation by an internationally renowned panel of experts:

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) fosters, develops, finances and promotes the production of Canadian content and applications for all audiovisual media platforms. The CMF guides Canadian content towards a competitive global environment by fostering industry innovation, rewarding success, enabling a diversity of voices and promoting access to content through public and private sector partnerships.

While the CMF has been traditionally known for funding Canadian film & television productions, in 2010 an Experimental Stream was created to encourage “the creation of innovative, interactive digital media content and software applications.”

At Knomos, we’re building an interactive web application as the next-generation of software for legal research and collaboration. Our vision has always been to harness visual technology to enhance human learning. We strive to empower individuals to bridge knowledge gaps by visualizing complex data for all to learn, share, and act on information.

The impact of CMF’s financial support towards our platform’s continued development and long-term growth cannot be overstated. In keeping with our development roadmap, the CMF’s production support “provides funding for the creation of a final, market-ready version of an eligible project.”

What’s more, this substantial level of government funding through CMF sends a strong signal about the value of the Knomos platform in meeting the real need for better access to public legal information.

Moving forward, we will continue to design, build, test, and iterate the platform as it continues to evolve to serve the needs of various users: as an educational aid for law students, as a professional tool for lawyers, and most importantly, as a public legal resource for all Canadians.

As legal information belongs to all of us, so too should the tools that help us navigate the law. Increasing access and usability of legal information increases access to justice for all.

Onwards and upwards!