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We’re going to Mars!

If this statement were literal, Elon Musk would be driving the awesome electric rocket car taking us there. Instead, after nearly two years of bootstrapping Knomos, we’re levelling our sights towards near horizons and participating in a legal industry (r)evolution.

Our team of explorers are now seeing several opportunities that, when combined, present real progress towards reaching launch velocity. This and this are worth saying again. Our recent inclusion in the LegalX industry cluster at MaRS Discovery District in Toronto is another reason to blog it out! The company we find ourselves in includes key influencers like Jason Moyse and Aron Solomon (have you seen the prose on these guys!):

The number of legal startups and legal technology applications out there has gone from a trickle to a stream. An era of experimentation in the mode of the build-measure-learn loop is upon us, along with angel and venture capitalists. It’s no surprise, given the $800-billion global market opportunity.

That is precisely what we are after with LegalX at MaRS, a cluster dedicated to driving the legal sector forward through enterprises—whether startup or established corporations—and law firms.


They’re supporting a worthy stable of unique legal innovators, and being internationally recognized for it. We like that they cultivate the very ideals we’ve promoted from the start, all while forging ever forward on this quest to be best-in-class. We wished we lived in Toronto to spend each day on site with these companies jamming around good ideas and better products. We will be visiting you soon…


So who is the Knomos team?

Our core team brings experience across various fields, from corporate law to video games. Over the past two decades, we’ve contributed to numerous software launches with some of the gaming industry’s largest go-to-market campaigns: from concept and development, to marketing and PR. Our team and key advisors have designed, built, and launched live online operations for the largest global network based on user traffic. It’s this unique background and proven ability to execute that bears the greatest advantage in delivering a truly innovative platform for law, and industries beyond.


A graduate of McGill Law and member of the bar in British Columbia and Québec, Adam’s a lawyer by trade but a builder at heart. His five years of legal domain and professional experience covers a range of legal practice, having worked at the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg, and as a sole practitioner. This critical insight ensures Knomos’ key features solve systemic problems in the legal industry, and that our platform’s core value is reflected in adoption among key influencers and stakeholders.

James has applied high-level studies in Mathematics and C++ programming to over ten years of technical experience, seven of which were spent on large-scale entertainment software production. As manager of Customer Service at Electronic Arts, he led a division of 120 employees covering six departments on the front lines of shaping the customer experience. Joining Knomos, James’ single-handed engineering effort led to our first proof-of-concept demo.

Craig’s past ten years have been spent pioneering best-in-class SaaS online multiplayer infrastructure. As a member of Activision’s Demonware since its inception, he’s been instrumental in architecting systems and overseeing operations for the global online fanfare of the Call of Duty franchise, StarCraft 2 and a host of other games, As the System Designer & Database Architect, Craig will leverage years of experience to create our online infrastructure and future-proof the Knomos Platform for content and user growth.

Jesse brings eighteen years in software design, project management, and strategic business development in the video gaming industry. He’s helped manage ten next-generation platform launches beginning with the PlayStation2. As a producer he managed UI/UX design and gameplay system development on the Need for Speed (Vancouver) and Dead Space (Montréal) franchises. Joining Sony Computer Electronics America in 2013, he acted as a key developer resource in support of their worldwide launch of the PlayStation 4.

Cool story, now what are you all doing here?

We’re converging on legal research with modern data viz and information design technology. Designing intelligent tools that leverage visual cognition and leading trends in interaction design to advance usability and discoverability resources for an industry that’s sorely lacking. Following lessons in entertainment software design, we’re levelling the legal learning curve, making justice accessible to everyone. It’s lofty, but we’re driven by passion for the science and technology that enables the vision.

And here’s what we aren’t doing!  

We’re not here to rail against an entire industry, angling to topple the incumbents in their own sandbox. This isn’t about converting the old guard. We are catering to the next generation. Users who’ve grown up accustomed to more capable tools are the real malcontents who, as upstart professionals, will be most keen to adopt solutions that work best to serve their ever-evolving business landscape.

Paul Graham summed it up well—Startups don’t win by attacking, they win by transcending. There are exceptions of course, but usually the way to win is to race ahead, not stop and fight.” 

The Knomosnauts,