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Financial Post

Here, we have living, breathing, funded entrepreneurs who are not waiting for the legal profession to re-imagine itself, or for a law society or bar association to give them permission to change. They’re simply getting on with it.


The Microsoft Accelerator is an immersive three- to six-month program aimed at helping entrepreneurs get through the challenges of building a company, finding customers and scaling to global markets […] this demo day in Seattle is for companies specifically leveraging machine learning.

Building New Law

These are just guys that saw a problem and then started acquiring knowledge or relying on existing knowledge, and then as Adam said, collaborating with a bunch of really smart people who see a world or have different skills, and then building something that solves a problem in a whole new way.

Law Times

It’s growing because there is the need for it to grow. You wouldn’t see this proliferation of apps or an expanding Canadian legal tech marketplace if there wasn’t a fundamental demand for it.

Microsoft Accelerator

This process challenged us to think deeply about the product and the value it offers from customers’ perspectives. This really makes it easier to evaluate where to make investments in our product that consistently deliver high-value features to our customers.


In Canada, organizations like Knomos, Blue J Legal and ROSS are attracting headlines and investment for their plans to serve professional and public interest in understanding the law by applying advanced technologies to extract insights from legal information.

CodeX - Stanford Law

If I found a couple of $100,000 bills in the couch cushions, […] I’d definitely invest in Knomos.

Data BC

A “wow” moment for the audience of public engagement professionals and technologists was getting a glimpse at the work that BC-based start-up Knomos is doing using the BC Laws API for visualizing and navigating legislation.

McGill Dobson Chronicles

It was the unlikely marriage between each cofounder’s respective domain expertise of law, technology, and video games that helped breathe the first fibres of life into Knomos.

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