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Design Partners

Plot + Scatter

Knomos first partnered with Plot + Scatter in fall 2015 to help improve the usability of our data visualizations. Over the next year, this initial effort led to the progressive redesign of the platform’s entire front-end based on a user-driven design methodology, helping us solve for the specific needs of our target users’ workflow.

Together we used Angular and D3.js to develop the front-end, while adopting lean and inexpensive UX methodologies to test and rapidly iterate upon design. Today, Plot + Scatter continues to assist us in improving the platform, designing and developing new tools and features, as well as maintaining a user-driven approach to data visualization and product development.

hear!hear! Design

We approached hear!hear! in Spring 2016 to conduct a complete brand audit and re-brand of our company identity from top to bottom. We wanted a logo that embodied exploration but with a sense of direction, where information is the destination.

With those key concepts in mind we developed the compass symbol that would stand out to any user, whether they’re a law student studying for an class, a lawyer helping a client, or a citizen looking for legal information.

Design Partnership Enquiries