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Navigate Law in a Whole New Way

Search for Legal Documents with Ease

A single access point for Federal & BC laws, regulations, and cases, coupled with an interactive visual navigation interface.

Our Dual Search display gives you an instant overview, with the size of visual search results based on matches clustered by document type, and relevant text previews to help you find what you’re looking for faster.


Use Heatmaps to Instantly Locate Key Terms

Visual navigation helps identify key information in context of a legal source’s structure, including frequency heatmaps for keyword search results in a law or case.

The more exact matches a section has, the darker it will be coloured.

Discover Related Content with Integrated Cross-Referencing

Our Citations Heatmaps display the frequency of cross-references between legal sources, such as when a law cites, or is cited by, another law or a case, with unique colour coding for incoming & outgoing links.

Pinpoint Citations link documents at the specific paragraph or section level with direct access to related content.


Centralize All of Your Content in One Location

Save and organize all of your personal notes, favourites, tags, and highlighted texts in the My Knomos space for future reference.

Personal annotations can be filtered and sorted for quick & easy lookup.

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