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Simple insights to some common questions (aka our FAQ)


What is Knomos?

It’s both our product and company name. We’ve taken the words knowledge (“KNO”) and cosmos (“MOS”) to create a unique portmanteau that we identify with.

The Knomos application is an innovative new way to look at the law. Our vision focusses on augmenting the legal research workflow using structured legal data, visual navigation, and user-driven software design methods to demonstrate how the law can be made much more accessible for everyone.

Visit our About page for more details on “the Why”!


How does data visualization improve my ability to access the law?
As human beings, we’re all hard-wired to be visual learners. The human brain can process visual information 60,000 times faster than the time it takes to decode text.

Knomos uses multiple visual channels like size, shape, and colour to help identify key information faster and discover patterns or trends across a broader body of legal information.

I don’t have a background in law. What’s the best way to do research on your platform?
Depending on whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or just want to explore, you can run a full search of all public legal content in Knomos or browse legal topics via the category cards.

Our big search bar works just like Google, with specific filters available in the dropdown menu on the left side of the search bar, to help you find relevant information quickly & easily. See the “Search Bar Capabilities” section below for more details on our search functionality.

Commonly accessed laws are also organized by topic & jurisdiction on the home page. For example, if you’re an artist or creative professional, you might be interested in topics related to the Canadian Cultural sector such as Intellectual Property, Communications & Broadcasting, Business & Contracts, and Employment Law.


Features & Functionality

Where can I learn more about Knomos features?
Our User Guide is a great place to start! Each of the sections highlights different features and user interface elements. Be sure to check back regularly as new content & walk-through videos will continue to be added as new features are developed and released. More to come soon!
What search bar capabilities are supported?
Knomos employs a simple query syntax leveraging Microsoft Azure Search. This includes common search operators such as:

  • AND operator [ + ]

The AND operator is a plus sign. For example, wifi+luxury will search for documents containing both wifi and luxury.

  • OR operator [ | ]

The OR operator is a vertical bar or pipe character. For example, wifi | luxury will search for documents containing either wifi or luxury or both.

  • NOT operator [ – ] 

The NOT operator is a minus sign. For example, wifi –luxury will search for documents that have the wifi term and/or do not have luxury. 

  • Suffix operator [ * ] 

The suffix operator is an asterisk. For example, lux* will search for documents that have a term that starts with lux, ignoring case.

  • Phrase search operator [ ” ” ]

The phrase operator encloses a phrase in quotation marks. For example, while Roach Motel (without quotes) would search for documents containing Roach and/or Motel anywhere in any order, "Roach Motel" (with quotes) will only match documents that contains that whole phrase together and in that order (text analysis still applies).

  • Precedence operator [ ( ) ]

The precedence operator encloses the string in parentheses. For example, motel+(wifi | luxury) will search for documents containing the motel term and either wifi or luxury (or both).|

More information on the exact behaviour operators and expected usage can be found here.

What annotation tools are there for user-generated content?
You can easily annotate public legal content and add your own highlights, tags, comments & notes, and star favourite whole documents (laws, cases) or specific sections & paragraphs.

All your personal annotations are saved in My Knomos, your personal knowledge base that grows as you continue to use Knomos.

How does the highlighting feature work?
Simply click & drag to select the text you want to highlight, then select the highlight icon from the annotation pop-up that appears. Voila!

Please note that Knomos doesn’t currently support highlighting when selecting text that spans across multiple paragraphs or section breaks, but hey, neither does Medium and they’ve raised over $130M towards developing their content platform.

Legal Content

What legal sources can I find on Knomos today?
Our content currently includes all Canadian federal laws & regulations, BC laws & regulations, Supreme Court of Canada cases, and BC Court of Appeal cases. 

This public legal content is accessible in both English & French, as available from the government source (e.g. Federal laws and cases are available in both languages, BC legislation and cases are only available in English). 

Do you publish recent case decisions?
Thanks to strategic partnerships with our content providers, such as the Supreme Court of Canada and the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII), we’re able to display new cases as they’re made available. We update our databases on a regular basis to host and present the same case data available on official government sites.

What’s more, we’re able to integrate and visualize all the the cross-references between legal sources. Our data model can identify paragraph and sentence level pinpoint cross-references between cases and laws. It’s pretty cool that way.

How often are laws and regulations updated?
Because we know how important it is to make sure you’re working with the most up-to-date legal information, we query public databases weekly and update our content as laws & regulations change.

When you’re viewing a law or regulation, look for the “i” circle information icon next to the document title for a version date and license information. If you need further insights into the content being displayed, please contact us via the support form below, or send general enquiries to

How can I point out errors on your site?
You can report any content errors or issues you have directly in the app via the feedback button in the bottom right corner. You can also make more general requests using the Support form below.

Thanks for taking the time to help out, your feedback helps us continue to improve Knomos and build the best user-driven product we can! 

Terms & Conditions

I’m not a lawyer, can Knomos help with my legal problems?
We sure hope so! But please keep in mind that Knomos is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice

Knomos is a shared legal resource that makes publicly available legal content more accessible and discoverable. We want to empower people and enable them to navigate law for personal research and general information purposes.

We hung up our suits for capes a while back, as we aim to build an innovative platform that greatly improves access to justice for the greater Canadian public through enhanced access to legal information.

If you require any professional legal advice or interpretation of information found on Knomos, you should consult a practising lawyer in your jurisdiction with appropriate expertise. 

Do you have a wall of legal text I can read (aka Terms of Use and Privacy Policy)?
These are referred to in legal parlance as a contract of adhesion, or euphemistically ‘click wraps’. We have to play by the same rules as all the rest, and if you want to register to use our product, you’ll have to abide by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

That said, we didn’t want to be “just like the rest” so we put our data viz chops to good use and integrated our Terms of Use directly into the Knomos app!


If you’d prefer to visually navigate our terms instead of trying to read a wall of text, you can access our Terms of Use via the link in your user account options (click on your user badge in the top bar of the app).

Knomos User Guide


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Need to contact Knomos Support? Reach out directly via the feedback form in the app or send us an email and we’ll take action!